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Air Signs Destiny ♊♎♒♊♎♒


Heavy loving energy. There are going to be fresh starts in partnerships this month. New partnerships are forming and new emotional experiences are coming to fruition. There is deep love between you and someone else and this person will be sweeping you off your feet. This is something that could have happened suddenly or unexpectedly. Make sure to find balance in the different areas of your life because you don't want to give one area more attention than the other.


A new home could be significant for this month so here is your congratulations!!! Hard times are coming to and end for you so there is not anything that you need to be worried about right now. Everything is falling into place with for you. If you have psychic abilities, there will be many insights coming to you this month to guide you along your path. It almost will feel unreal because just months ago you could have been really struggling and now your blessings are started to fall in your lap. You will be at peace and content with your life and you can finally relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor.


There could be some traveling or vacationing also. This is will be somewhere where there is lots of water. Florida is significant. You are coming out of that depression phase and walking towards complete happiness. You deserve it. Whatever you set out to do, make sure you are following your heart and doing what makes you happy. Also, watch for people around you that may try to throw you off the right path. When things start going good for you, there may be some jealous people who will want what you have. Follow your intuition on who these people may be and distance yourself from anyone that could block your blessings.

Love and Light

Significant Numbers: 13 46 63 8

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