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Air Signs & Fire Signs Zodiac Reading

Air Signs ๐Ÿ’จ


There are a lot of ways that you can attract abundance in your life but one way is eating healthier. Be mindful of what your body is consuming because when you eat unhealthy it affects your mind and body. Air signs, change your diet and become a better version of yourself to reap what is waiting for you.

There is a lot of abundance and blessings that are nearing you but you have to make the necessary changes in your life to receive them. You could be manifesting heavily right now and your desires are coming to fruition.

Fire Signs ๐Ÿ”ฅ


Allow outdated energy to fall away and cleanse your space. Clean your house and throw away anything that you need or donate it. When you declutter you are creating a pure space for your blessings and allowing clean energy to surround you an your environment. Instead of competing, try cooperating with others. Remember you can do anything you put your mind to and if you keep worrying about what others have, you will block your own blessings. Your time is coming. Work with others more and watch your blessings pour in.

Love and Light,

Jalisa Marie

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