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Air Signs Horoscope For October 🍂🍂

Gemini ♊ Libra ♎ Aquarius ♒

What October Has In Store For You ✨✨✨

▪️For the month of October you will be faced with many choices. Before you make any necessary decisions, think everything through carefully and get clarity on what you are not sure of. Don't rush into anything and make sure you analyze every detail but do not overanalyze. If you are dealing with any kind of addictions, please get the help that you need. Turn your life around for the better. Someone around you could also be dealing with an addiction.


▪️It is important to find balance this month. This will make things run so much smoother for you. Right now your life is all over the place and it's time to lighten your load. Work with others to see how your ideas and their ideas can create something wonderful. I see heavy compromising this month air signs. As much as things may not be as you would like, just be patient because things will fall into place for you.


▪️This is the month that creative projects will begin to flourish. If you have been thinking about doing any projects, this is definitely the time. Get to it and take the necessary steps to get going on it because it will become successful with hardwork and dedication. Abundance and prosperity is headed your way so don't worry about things out of your control. I'm seeing mothering energy this month so you could be spending alot of time with your kids and mother or if your mother is deceased, this month she will be visiting you more than ever and she will be on your mind heavy. She is definitely with you in spirit.


▪️Be careful not to make any hasty decisions this month. I'm getting a energy of greed over money. This could be you or someone around you. Giving is okay but make sure you are stable also. There may be some people around you that you have questioned as far their motives. Follow you intuition on these people and if doesn't feel right then it's not right. Pay attention to any signs and trust you gut. Avoid people who all about themselves and don't associate yourself with people who have bad intentions.

"Do Your Best At All Times, You Never Know Who Is Watching"

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