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Earth Signs Horoscope For October 🍂🍂

Taurus ♉ Virgo ♍ Capricorn ♑

What October Has In Store For You ✨✨✨

▪️Earth Signs, many things are changing in your life right before your eyes. It's important to adapt and adjust to these changes. There will some things coming your way this month that will need your immediate attention. This could be in regards to a person in your life. Whoever this person is, you both have an intense passionate connection with each other and this person is coming towards you fast.


▪️This month will be a end of challenging times for you. Things will really start to look up for you and better days are coming. You are getting what you deserve for you and your family. This new person coming into your life could bring relief to you because they are what you have been needing. They will help you with everything and you won't struggle anymore. I'm also seeing traveling or relocating. If you have been thinking about moving, this is confirmation that it will happen this month. This could be somewhere by a body of water. You could also be traveling to get to your destination. There is a need to find a new environment as the one you may be in now is not the best. Move to bigger and better for yourself and your kids.


▪️Earth signs, for this of you who have psychic abilities, they will be your best friend during this time. You are aware and receiving divine guidance that you are understanding and putting to good use. While you are caring for others, also remember to nurture yourself. You can't let yourself go trying to do everything for others. They need you to be your best self also. Spending time with family and friends will be significant this month. Follow your heart ! I see a king and queen sitting on their throne ! Big love energy because won't nobody be able to tell you anything !


▪️You can trust this person that is in your life now. Don't go another day questioning this person because that have the best intentions with you. They have some things to figure out but they are doing just that for you ! You two will become one and this person will make sure of it. Family energy ! You two are all about family and raising up one and it will happen in due time.

"Open Your Heart To All The Love That Is Waiting To Enter"

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