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Fire Signs Destiny ♐♌♈♐♌♈♐♌


Feeling driven and focused is the energy this month. There will be things that may be take you by surprise so be prepared for events to happen quick. Before acting, make sure you are actually responding with rational thinking rather than with emotions. This will help you deal with things based on the reality of situations. There may also be some changes that will be happening and many options will approach you. Chose wisely !


A new start is coming whether you expect it or not. Take that leap of faith that will lead you down the right path. Follow your consciousness and pay attention to any signs you may be receiving about the next steps. Dreams can be significant this month. Make sure you are writing them down because they hold valuabel information. Believe in yourself, and trust that you are headed in the right direction. Work towards whatever you are to out to do because it is coming.


Something may be brewing this month. Some kind of pain, so brace yourself. This could be some kind of betrayal. You could also be walking away from a relationship to this month. It may hurt, but you will definitely grow from it. Hurtful things may have been said between parties but peaceful resolutions and healing any misunderstandings are important. Don't hold grudges on things because life is too short. You know your worth so don't settle for less. Divorce or seperation could be coming for you also for married inviduals. Be there for those who need you this month.

Focus on yourself and your career and stay away from any negativity that can affect your energy. Surround yourself with positivity as this is one of the ways to attract it to you.

Love and Light.

Significant Numbers: 66 77 67 16

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