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Fire Signs Horoscope For October 🍂🍂

Aries ♈ Leo ♌ Saggitarius ♐

What October Has In Store For You ✨✨✨

▪️Fire signs, this month I see a lot of you stepping into the spotlight. Some of you will taking on a leadership role and you deserve it as you have worked so hard for this moment. This could be a motivational speaker, theatrical, or public speaking. Congratulations !

Keep your eyes on the big picture and always be prepared for the greatness that is coming your way. Don't let criticism get you down but take it as something to learn from.


▪️There are many great opportunities that you will face and this will your time to be brave and bold. Be courageous and step into your power because this month is your time to flourish and take off. Do what you really love to do. Whatever it is that has your heart, go for it and do a good job at it ! Your cup will be running over and this is something that you expected but not so soon.


▪️Meditate this month and connect with your higher self and the guidance and clarity that you need will come to you. There are a lot of you that should be a spiritual mentor and or need to speak to one. For those of you that should speak with one, this will help you with discovering who you really are.

"Go Hard Or Go Home"

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