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▫️◾Letting Go ◾▫️

Letting Go ▫️

Some of the reasons why we hold onto things that may not be good for us is fear, doubt, and being comfortable.

Let me tell you why it's important to release each of those (fear, doubt, being comfortable) from within.

We move through life and each phase of life that you experience, old phases should be shed so fresh phases can begin.

Ex: look at it as if you are getting ready to eat a banana. Before you can get to and eat that banana, you have to peel back a layer of the banana skin first before you can get to what you really want; the banana itself.

Once you make a habit of clearing your life of things that doesn't serve you or help you in any type of way, you will then begin to see how much those things were in the way.


Releasing Fear ▫️

It may not be easy but it is definitely possible. Remember nothing comes easy, and therefore, with hard work and dedication, you can release your fears that are preventing you from moving beyond your path. At some point, you have to release your fears because stepping out of your comfort zone is what life is about and aids us in our personal development. Don't let fear stop you. Your role is to stop fear from thinking it can stop you.


Doubt ▫️

The quickest way that you can get

rid of doubt is to faithfully remain positive and optimistic about everything that it happening in your life. You have to train your mind to not let doubt take over and stop you from living that life that you truly deserve. When you doubt something or yourself, you are contributing to your own negativity and negativity isn't welcomed when you have goals to accomplish. Let go of doubt and open yourself up to a more positive mind frame.


Being Comfortable ▫️

Being comfortable is okay until you allow it to take over your mind and your life. In order to grow, sometimes you have to do things that you are uncomfortable with and in the end, you will be glad that you did. Doing this will create more experiences for you.

Example: Think about this scenario: You got a opportunity to transfer to a different state for a new job opportunity and a higher pay rate. At the new job, you would be making a lot more money but the only issue is, is that you would have to relocate and you turn the job down because of this reason.

This is a prime example of being too comfortable. Being comfortable can hold you back on what's most important. The most important is growth and allowing change into your life. Resisting the change that you really need will only take you longer to achieve your goals.


"Let Go And Welcome Change"


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