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Shadow Work ๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒธ

What is shadow work?

Shadow work is the knowing that we all different parts or sides to ourselves. These are normally the parts of ourselves that have become neglected or put on thr back burner internally. To better explain, shadow work are important things that we have not dealt with from our past which becomes dark if not tended to the proper way. To really find your true self, you must do shadow work and pull out all of the old emotions that you are still holding onto.

Benefits Of Shadow Work

Some of the greatest benefits of shadow work are:

  • Feeling whole and becoming one with yourself and our creator. (SPEAKING YOUR TRUTH)

  • Improvement while interacting with others (CAREGIVING APPROACH)

  • Healing any trauma that you have encountered (TRUSTING YOURSELF)

  • Realization of your true needs (BEING IN CONTROL OF YOURSELF)


When you keep your shadow hidden, this is called repression. Repression can lead to other unhealthy consequences if shadow work isn't done. Do yourself a favor and save yourself from stress and anxiety, negative self-talk, and other mental health illnesses such as depression. Substance abuse is also a factor to look out for when dealing with repression of your shadow side.

Facing Your Shadow

Sometimes it's hard to face our dark side because that dark side has so many dark and negative emotions built up, but when you do face it, it will be one the best healthiest things you could ever do for yourself physically and mentally. You will feel a big weight lifted off of your shoulders and you will rather free of those old emotional and trauma. This doesn't happen overnight, but the more you work towards facing your shadow the better you will feel about yourself.


Before beginning any type of shadow work, do your research and make yourself familiar with the process. You can always start by asking yourself some questions. Some of the questions that you can ask yourself are:

  • Who am I?

  • Who do I want to be?

  • What do I need?

  • What do I need to release?

  • Where do I need to go and what steps can I take to get their?

Once you start with the questions, allow yourself to feel when you are doing this. This is a start for you to open yourself up and face your shadow. Again, remember to do further research and do what suits you. The questions above are just an example, but you yourself have to determine if my questions are right for you or if you need to create your own set of questions.

"Heal and move forward with faith. You got this"

Love, Light and Peace

Jalisa Marie

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