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Strength ☀️☀️

What is strength?

My definition of strength is having the willpower to overcome anything that comes your way. This can be obstacles, challenges, or any other major life event that can throw you off course.


Strength is being non-defeated and having the mindset of a winner. The minute you change your mindset and tell yourself that you can do it, is the minute that you have kick-started your strength to get through whatever the situation may be. Believe in yourself and know that you have the power within yourself to overcome anything. Keep putting up the fight and you will find your light.



A lot of times, life obstacles can throw us off track especially when things happen unexpected. Everything isn't and shouldn't be known because when we are faced with certain events, there is always a reason. Maybe there is a lesson somewhere that needs to be learned. When one battle ends, prepare yourself for the next one because life is full of surprises but those surprises help us grow into who we really need to be. It is your job to keep up and go with the flow of things whether they are good or bad.


Meditation is great for seeing beyond every challenge you face. Not everyone meditates but it is important to find what works for you.


Crystals for strength:





Love and Light,


Jalisa Marie

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