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Have you ever encountered a person that triggers you?

What I mean when I say triggered is having a instant mood change during that encounter.


There could be many reasons why something or someone triggers you but I am going to elaborate on two reasons:

Past Trauma


Past trauma is listed as number one because that is one of the biggest reasons why something or someone triggers us. Past trauma is highly associated with a person.

If you find yourself being triggered by a person, the best thing for you to do is release them and detach yourself. Cut all ties and work towards forgiveness. Working towards forgiveness doesn't mean whatever situation took place is okay, but for yourself you need to forgive anyone who has hurt you in some type of way. Once you do this, it will be easier to deal with your emotions and move forward with your life.



Everyone you encounter in your life is sent for a reason and most of the time that reason is because a lesson needs to be learned. Some people are placed in your life to teach you things about yourself. When people are placed in your life to teach you a lesson about yourself, you will notice that those people or person has a lot of the same qualities as you do. There are things you may not see wrong within yourself so God will place somebody in your life that will make you see what you need to change with yourself by sending you someone that is just like you in a different body.


Release any unecessary attachments and work on your own personal development. This will help you grow into the person that you are meant to be. Once you start taking steps to do this, things that are not in alignment with you will start to vanish.

"Learn The Lesson And Continue Towards Growth"

Jalisa Marie 🌸

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