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Water Signs Horoscope For October 🍂🍂

Pisces ♓ Cancer 🦀 Scorpio ♏

What October Has In Store For You ✨✨✨

▪️Water signs this month remember that the good you do, comes back to you. I'm seeing for a lot of you there will be some big money coming in. Make sure to pay off any debt and borrow wisely. Help those who are less fortunate because this is what matters. Donate to the needy and get rid of things that you do not need because someone else could benefit from it who doesn't have the funds to purchase what they need.


▪️Im seeing a lot of love this month for you also. A lot of you will be meeting new people and falling in love. If you have been dealing with someone, this will become a sudden love affair between the both of you. If you are in a relationship, find balance. You will definitely be swept off your feet this month if you are single. If you love art and poetry, this is where you may meet someone. I'm seeing you could be going to some type of art event and this person will approach you. Some of you are letting go of the past and moving on with your life. Whatever is for you, will be for you. Stop worrying about things out of your control and don't try to force anything to work. It's not the right time.


▪️Avoid conflict with others and walk away from any drama. Be sure to stand up for youself and defend yourself but don't entertain situations or people that will bring that anger out of you. Be who you are changing to be and walk away instead. Everything doesn't need a reaction and your attention. Focus on whats most important to you and dont let drama make sure fall off your path. Keep pushing forward !


▪️There will be a lot of celebrations for big accomplishments. Always thank god and the universe for your blessings. A new home, housewarmings, and engagements could all be significant here. You and your partner could be moving in together and your personal life will be peaceful and content. This is everything that you have been wanting, be proud of yourself for all your accomplishments water signs.

"Letting Go Is Painful But You Have The Strength To Do It'

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