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❇️Welcome August❇️

August is here and it's the power month of the year. The month of August highlights and symbolizes topics like completion, tieing loose ends, past healing, dreaming of a brighter future.


It is important that you face any fears and take a leap of faith during this month. You are being called to step out of your comfort and do things differently and things you have never done before. This will bring enlightenment and spiritual growth within yourself.


The most powerful dates in August are:

  • 2nd

  • 8th

  • 11th

  • 21st

While these are the most important dates, you should arrange any special occasions on these dates to plant your seeds.


Release things, situations, and people that doesn't serve you anymore. You live and you outgrow and everything and everybody isn't meant to follow you on your path to success.

Other keywords associated with the month of August:

  • Strength

  • Enlightenment

  • Wisdom

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